Bruton Primary School

Bruton Primary School

3 Sycamore

Welcome to Class 3 Sycamore.

This Year you will find Mrs Hart (class teacher) in Sycamore on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with Mrs Hambleton taking charge on a Thursday. Mrs Smith (learning support assistant) works alongside them every morning and one afternoon a week and Mrs Elliott is regularly a part of the team too.  Between us we all work hard together to give our year 3 children as many different opportunities to learn as possible, encouraging them to challenge themselves and achieve to the best of their ability.

You can view the half termly quests with details of the subjects and key learning points on the curriculum page. If you have any interesting artefacts or books relating to these topics we always love the children sharing their items with the rest of the class!

Maths Homework: This term, each week on a FRIDAY, the children are ‘pledging’ to learn a times table and the relevant division facts to be tested on the following Friday.  Together we will celebrate each success or inspire each other to have another go. The purpose of this is to begin to embed times tables and division facts.  As they get older, the children will find Maths easier if they have this knowledge in place.  Each day in class, there will be further opportunities to practice too. 

Spelling Homework: The purpose of this homework is to learn and reinforce spelling rules and how to spell relevant words. The children have their weekly spelling test on a TUESDAY, writing. their spelling word within sentences via dictation. This begins to reinforce punctuation and grammar!

New spelling sheets are sent home on a TUESDAY afternoon with spaces for your child to practice their spellings daily. In due course there will be activities on the back of the spelling sheet to help the children apply the spellings in context.

Please try and listen to your child read at least 3 times a week and sign to say you have done so.  Homework diaries are checked weekly and you will find information on homework set and their results for both spelling and mental maths.  You are more than welcome to write a message in there too.

Currently we do PE on a Thursday but it can change, so please ensure PE kit (including jogging trousers when it gets cold - all named please!) is in the children’s lockers at all times. Until the weather changes, swimming will be on a Friday morning.

This year all Year 3 children will be learning to play the cornet.  Can you please make sure your child brings their cornet into school on a FRIDAY and takes it home with them to practice on a Friday evening? Practicing at home makes it more relevant for the children and means we can learn more quickly.

If you have any questions, concerns or simply want to look at what your child is doing, please pop in! Alternatively, you can always make an appointment to come and speak to Mrs Hart after school. . 

Mrs Hart  
Mrs Hart Mrs Hambleton
Mrs Smith Mrs Elliot
Mrs Smith Mrs Elliot